Our Third Quarter Meeting for 2015 is on!

Thanks for your patience – we had some scheduling difficulties but it’s all sorted out and we’ve got a great presentation for you on a data topic you requested via our last topic survey.

Kevin Cartier and Jeffrey Anderson of Vertex Computer Systems will present “The Outer Limits of Data Science”, a survey of big data challenges known to test the limits of existing modeling techniques & information theory. In addition, they will conduct a review of the essential activities & procedures of data science methodology, with particular attention paid to their respective roles in coping with the various problem types associated with big data.

The session will wrap up with a holistic conversation about how to move from the Want to stage of applying data science to big data challenges to Acting on, putting the focus is on the necessary enablers and support elements for impactful data science and advanced analytics teams within your organization.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, October 5th 2015
8:30 AM – Noon


Jeffrey Anderson is a senior technical architect and strategist in system design and delivery for a variety of Fortune 100 companies in high-technology, banking, and retail – consumer goods, manufacturing, and healthcare with a strong focus on traditional Enterprise Data Management and emerging analytic tools and techniques. Jeffrey has designed and supported systems at extreme scale (volume and responsiveness) specializing in transformative projects for retail and banking domains. Over the years Jeffrey has been a trainer and speaker in the US and internationally on topics ranging from data integration techniques, collaborative analytics, enterprise and project architecture, to identity management and master data governance.

Kevin Cartier is an IT professional with over 20 years of software development experience across a wide range of industries including finance, medicine, marketing, aerospace, energy and manufacturing. Specific project types included database systems, embedded controllers, back-end interfaces, network interfaces, compilers and end-user applications. He holds advanced degrees in both computer science & bio-statistics. As part-time instructor, he taught undergraduate courses in C/C++ Programming, Objected Oriented Design, VB/Access programming, Data Structures, Systems Analysis and Ethics in Computing. While a project manager at Case Western Reserve University, he successfully led development of a 500,000 LOC C++ project in human genomics. During that time he acquired first-hand exposure to emergent machine learning methods and big data technologies – such as Hadoop — that are increasingly applied to business challenges today. Kevin’s primary expertise is in quantitative analysis and translation of statistical methods into code for mission critical systems. He is proficient in the Python & R languages for data manipulation & visualization and is fully versed in current data science methods, techniques & tools.

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