Certified Business Intelligence Professional


  • Pass Information Systems Core Examination at 50% or higher.
  • Pass Data Warehousing Examination at 50% or higher.
  • Pass one IT Management Examination at 50% or higher
    • Business  Information Systems
    • Data Management
    • Systems Development
    • Systems Security
    • Database Administration

The entire list of available exams can be accessed on the ICCP website (http://iccp.org/certification/exams/outlines)

Passing all three exams with 70% or better earns Mastery level certification.

Scheduling an Exam and Exam Fees

Exams are conducted after every Quarterly Buckeye DAMA meetings at the OCLC enter.  To schedule an exam please contact the Buckeye DAMA VP of Education. 

Costs of exams vary.  The exact cost of an exam can be obtained on the ICCP website (http://iccp.org/certification/becoming-certified/cost).

Exam Proctoring/Invigilation Fees

Buckeye DAMA does not charge any exam Proctoring/Invigilation Fees.

Buckeye DAMA Proctor regulations

To insure uniform testing procedures:

  • Each candidate must present two forms of identification, one must be a government issued photo-ID, in order to be admitted to the examination.
  • Calculators cannot be used during the examination.
  • No test materials, documents or memoranda of any sort are to be taken from the examination room.
  • Any irregularities connected with the administration of the examination will be reported to the ICCP. Candidates suspected of giving or receiving assistance will be strictly observed with their names and ID numbers reported to the ICCP.
  • The examination will be held only on the day and time scheduled.
  • Visitors are not permitted in the examination room.
  • Candidates should use their complete names (e.g. John Thomas James, Jr.) on the application and any correspondence concerning the examination.

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