Past Presentations

Date Speaker Topic Presentation
2019-Q4 Sherry Kish Smart City: Data Management and Data Privacy
2019-Q3 Chris Slee Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse
2019-Q2 Dave Chiou Data Virtualization and Integration. Data Virtualization and Integration.
2018-Q4 Christopher Wetherill Data Science; You aren’t gonna need it. Data Science; You aren’t gonna need it
2018-Q1 David Kuhnau, Shannon Lowder AI -The Machines are Coming AI – Machines Taking Over March 8 2018
Alexa Presentation
Alexa Data and Constant Improvement
2017-Q1 Mark Plessinger Data Governance Foundations – Revisited DataGovernanceFoundations–Revisited
2017-Q1 Greg Deckler Its a Machine World – Predictive Analytics with Azure Machine Learning Its a Machine World – Predictive Analytics with Azure Machine Learning
2016-Q4 David Marco World-class Metadata World-class Metadata
2016-Q3 Bill Klos No-Sql Primer nosql-primer
2016-Q3 Mike Kaiser Why? Agile for the Data Warehouse. why-agile-for-the-data-warehouse-buckeye-dama-sept-2016
2016-Q2 Hans Hultgren Ensemble Modeling Presentations for Ensemble Data and Big Data .
See his blog at Hans’ Blog
2016-Q1 Lewis Broome Data-centric Approach to Enterprise Architecture;
Embedding Data Capabilities into the Operating Infrastructure
Embedding Data Capabilities and Case studies PDF
2015-Q4 Ralph Hughes Agile BI with Ralph Hughes Contact Mr. Hughes at Ceregenics for a copy of his deck.
2015-Q2 Michael Covert Analytics Inside – Big Data Analytics Analytics Inside – Big Data Analytics (PDF)
2015-Q1 Dave Wells Data Storytelling Data Storytelling (PDF)
2015-Q1 Neelam Mohanty Data Quality Problems and Their Root Causes Data Quality Problems & Root Causes (PDF)
2014-Q3 Bill Inmon Big Data & Data Warehouse – How They Fit Together & Analytics for the Unstructured, Big Data Environment Big Data DW Complementary Relationship (PPT)Bill Inmon – demo call center VerizonBill Inmon – achieving business value with big data – IBill Inmon – demo real estate transactions
2014-Q2 Mike Lampa Performance Management BI Requirements Presentation (PDF)
2014-Q1 Michael Covert Big Data A Year Later Presentation (PDF)
2013-Q4 John Johansen Big Data, What does it mean? How do we mine it? Presentation (PPT)
2013-Q3 Peter Aiken Making the Case for CDO (Chief Data Officer) Presentation (PDF)
2013-Q2 Christina Rouse Are You Stars Aligned: Microsoft SQL Server examples of star schema design techniques Presentation (PPT)
2012-Q4 Peter Aiken Calculating ROI on Data Management Projects Presentation (PPT)
2012-Q3 Tom Hammergren Collaboration Coming Soon
2012-Q3 Ravi Narayanan Master Data Management – Why, What and How Presentation (PPT)
2012-Q2 Michael Covert Analytics Inside – Big Data Presentation (PDF)
2012-Q1 Andrew Holowaty Inject TDD into your ETL Presentation (PDF)
2011-Q4 Tom Coffing Temporal Tables Presentation (PDF)
2011-Q3 Tara Paider / Mike Smith  Data Virtualization  Presentation (PDF)
2011-Q2 David Loshin Data Management Improvement Coming Soon
Jeff Kanel Testing for the Data Warehouse Presentation (PDF)
2009-04 Jack Freund Privacy & Risk Presentation (PDF)
Eric Hansen Data Governance & Master Data Mangement Presentation (PPT)
2008-10 Eric Juttner Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence at BMW Financial Services Presentation (PPT)Presentation (XLS Template)
2008-07 Larrisa Moss “Extreme Scoping” An Agile Project Management Approach for Data Warehouse Projects Presentation (PDF)
Dave Wells Applying Systems-Thinking for Business Analytics Presentation (PDF)
2008-01 Mike Lampa Information Quality Program Implementation Presentation (PDF)
2007-04 Sid Adelman Data Strategy in Practice Presentation (PPT)References (DOC)DW Glossary (DOC)
Capturing Intellectual Capital Whitepaper (DOC)
Capitalizing the Data Warehouse Whitepaper (DOC)
2007-01 Maureen Clarry Organizing and Retaining DW Teams Presentation (PPT)
2006-10 Joe Leithauser Cardinal Health: Applying Master Data Management in a Fortune 20 Company Presentation (PPT)
2006-07 Michael Covert Holy Warehouse, Holy Grail Presentation (PPT)
2005-04 Michael Brackett Foundations for Data Resource Quality Presentation (PDF)
Alex Kerezy Data Integration: Data Quality & Enterprise Application Integration Presentation (PDF)
2005-01 Marcie Barkin-Goodwin ‘Improve Your Bottom Line – Increase Your Modeling Return On Investment’ Presentation (PDF)
2004-07 David Loshin Business Rules, Data Quality, and Information Compliance Presentation (PPT)
Barbara Von Halle A Critical Time for Business Rules Presentation (PPT)
2004-04 Ron Borland Information Assurance: The Coordinated Approach To Improving Enterprise Data Quality Presentation (PPT)
2004-02 Mike Cochran BAM – Business Activity Monitoring Presentation (PDF)
2003-10 Claudia Imhoff The Operational Data Store: Tactical Analysis at Your Fingertips Presentation (PDF)


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